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Qualities of a “Family Man”

In my last installment called, "Ending My Douchebaggery" I discussed a simple yet practical way to better yourself that I stole and modified a bit from an experiment Benjamin Franklin tried. While he was trying to achieve what he called Moral Perfection, I opted for a more focused goal of being a better family man. To be a better family man, following Franklin's lead, I have identified 9 qualities that I plan to track my progress against. I'd like to share those along with a brief description as to why each is important to me....

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Ending My Douchebaggery

Of late I've come to realize at the age of 36 I can be, quite often, a douchebag. My friends and family might find that revelation a bit harsh but people outside that group, particularly those who I have had some sort of relationship with and have since broke off, would likely agree with me wholeheartedly. Much of this stems from an inherent selfishness and sense of vanity I've had since back in my childhood days. I'll save you my pontification as to the reasons for this but know the point here is that I'm conscious...

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